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I never thought I could love anyone more than myself until the first child was born.

Actor Bob Golub 

Bob Golub is the quintessential realized American dream. Poor kid from afamily of ten, leaves a one-movie theater western Pennsylvania steel mill townand through sheer fortitude and drive becomes a headlining comedian andmovie actor and producer. Bob’s vast array of experience in the entertainmentworld has lead him on to a role in Martin Scorsese’s film, “Goodfellas”. Alongwith many TV and films, including just co-starring in Denzel Washington’s newfilm, “the little things”. Bob’s special, “I’ll Burn Down Your House” won aRetro Award.You can see Bob headlining at all the major comedy clubs and casinosnationwide.



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Actor Bob Golub's Career

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Bob Golub Commercial Career 

"Bob Golub" Ally Bank National Commercial

Ally Bank

Bob Golub's Commercial Career


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